Thursday, June 11, 2015

Big news for

It is with both great sadness & excitement that I have decided to close down my slipcover business. Everyone told me that running a small business would be hard, and boy they weren’t kidding.  I’ve had such a love of IKEA products and passion for decorating, so starting seemed like the perfect solution to create my own business while also giving myself a creative outlet. Five years later, with thousands of customers and lots of proud moments behind me, I’ve truly run out of steam. Over the last year, my heart has been pulling me in a different direction. I’ve finally decided to let go and take the leap that will carry me on to my next adventure in life.


We will be accepting orders for out of stock items through June 18th. After that date the website will only allow purchases of remaining in stock items.  So after June 18th we will not be cutting and sewing any new slipcovers. This is very important – please do not wait until the last minute to place your order!!!!! Since we will not be re-ordering most fabrics, our fabric supply is limited. We will be trying our best to keep track of remaining yardage, and update the website in real time accordingly. So once we are out of a specific fabric, that fabric will disappear as an option for all new slipcovers. Please be aware that adding an item to the shopping cart does not remove that item from inventory, only placing an order will.  So if it has been a while since a cover was added to the cart, you will need to go back and refresh the page for the specific slipcover model to ensure you are getting the most accurate inventory quantity at a given moment.

Another important change will be in regards to our return policy. As of today, June 11th, we will no longer be able to accept returns of all future orders unless the item is found to be defective. After June 19 th, please be aware that customer service response time will be slower than usual as I transition into a new city and a new job. We will also be shipping orders on a less frequent basis, so it may take up to a week to get in stock orders shipped out after the 19th. If you have any questions during this time, the best way to contact us will be via email at

I would love to thank all of the customers who have graciously given us their business over the years and supported our small made in the USA operation. It has been a great delight to receive kind comments from happy customers and we’ve always loved seeing photos of our slipcovers in action in your homes. Many thanks from Susan and the whole Knesting team!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

IKEA Ektorp Sofa Bed Slipcovers...we've got 'em!

I was shocked earlier this year when I heard rumors IKEA was discontinuing the Ektorp sofa bed model. The Ektorp sleeper sofa was one of the first pieces of IKEA furniture I ever had, and I loved it dearly. Oh I'm having flashbacks to the teeny, tiny studio I had while living abroad...loved that white slipcover.
Ektorp sleeper sofa in white

At first I assumed IKEA wasn't going to take it away for good. I mean how can they discontinue anything in the iconic Ektorp line? I thought the sofa bed model & its slipcovers were just being redesigned and in a few months they would make a quiet, yet triumphant return with maybe new SKU numbers. My theory was dashed when @DesignByIKEA responded to my questioning tweet with "Unfortunately, it has been discontinued. Sorry!"
So it's true. And sadly as many of us have experienced before, once IKEA stops making a sofa they also stop selling the slipcovers. Well never fear if you have an Ektorp sleeper sofa and are in need of a new slipcover. We've got them!

Knesting IKEA Ektorp sofa bed cover
IKEA Ektorp sofa bed slipcover in Avocado Twill from Knesting
We are making covers for the Ektorp sofa bed in over 30 fabric options. In stock covers ship in 2-3 business days. If the slipcover you like is not in stock, then we can make you one and have it ready to ship in 4 weeks! 
Knesting Ektorp sofa bed slipcover in Oatmeal Linen
IKEA Ektorp sofa bed slipcover in Oatmeal Linen from Knesting
Ektorp sleeper cover in Lime Baligate from Knesting
Knesting IKEA Ektorp sleeper slipcover in Lime Baligate
Ektorp sleeper sofa slipcover in Denim Twill by
IKEA Ektorp sofa bed cover in Denim Twill from Knesting

Friday, March 28, 2014

What goes with what??? Lemon Magna and Steel Trail combo

It's been a LONG time since our last post we know. We stay so busy trying to keep things in the shop running smoothly that blog posts always seem to take absolute last priority. Anyway, we would like to highlight a couple of our newer prints - the Lemon Magna and Steel Trail patterns that we think are pretty cool and funky. It always surprises us to see how well a fabric coordinates with others, especially when it can morph into different shades which is just what these two do.

These two prints can both work wonderfully with warm colors like our Oatmeal Linen (ok, it works well with just about everything) and Taupe Twill.
 Knesting slipcovers for IKEA Furniture

Knesting IKEA Klippan slipcover
IKEA Klippan loveseat cover in Lemon Magna from

Knesting Tullsta cover  IKEA Tullsta cover from in Oatmeal Linen

Slipcovers for the IKEA Ektorp Tullsta chair in Taupe Twill and Oatmeal Linen

But we also love how the Lemon Magna and Steel Trail fabrics have a lot of gray in them, so they also look great with our sturdy Graphite Twill as well.
 Knesting fabrics for custom IKEA slipcovers

Knesting IKEA Karlstad slipcover
IKEA Karlstad sofa cover in Graphite Twill from

IKEA Poang cover from Knesting
Knesting IKEA Poang slipcover
IKEA Poang slipcovers in Lemon Magna and Steel Trail

Of course, we always recommend ordering swatches to test out any fabrics in your own home first prior to ordering slipcovers. Because just like how paint takes on different shades in different light, so does fabric. And as much as we like happy surprises, we really don't like the unhappy ones. Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Fab Fall Makeover

The leaves are changing colors and the temperatures getting cooler. That means it's time to break out the tall boots and cashmere least that's why I love fall. But with Thanksgiving just around the corner, it also makes me think about making a few decorating tweaks at home.

I usually just switch out my sofa throw pillows and call it a day. But after seeing the fabulous new Stockholm lattice rug at IKEA last month, I'm considering bumping it up a notch. I also fell head over heals in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE with the green velvet Stockholm sofa. But the super practical side of me would never allow such a purchase. So pushing that green sofa to the dark recesses of my mind, I came up with a lovely AND practical wish list to update my home for the fall. I've rounded up a collection highlighting the newly expanded IKEA Stockholm line along with our Knesting slipcovers that will make any home a treat come turkey day.

Fall Decorating Buying Guide

  1. slipcover in Espresso Twill for the IKEA Ektorp 3 Seater Sofa
  2. IKEA Stockholm rug
  3. IKEA Stockholm cabinet in walnut
  4. slipcover in Lemon Magna for the IKEA Henriksdal bar stool
  5. Throw pillows: Cable Knit from World Market and Orange flange from CB2
  6. Geena table lamp from Pottery Barn
  7. Threshold accent cabinet from Target
  8. Knesting Oatmeal Linen slipcover for the IKEA Ektorp footstool
Happy Fall everyone!!!

Friday, August 2, 2013

New 2014 IKEA Catalog items - A Quick Tour

It's that time of year again! Many of us IKEA fanatics think this time of year is even better than Christmas morning. I definitely felt more giddy roaming the aisles of my Atlanta IKEA this week than opening Christmas gifts in years past. Not that my gifts haven't been, no, no. I've loved and appreciated ALL of my gifts. But wandering through the IKEA maze, wondering what new and shiny things will be around that next that is pure bliss!

Okay, some of you might be thinking I'm a little weird, so I will just get to it. There are lots of new items from the 2014 IKEA catalog showing up in the stores now. I keep anxiously awaiting my catalog in the mail, but so far have had to settle with the online version. You can check it out here.

I'm not exactly in love with the cover. It seems a bit random, and all of those jars look odd to me. But it is bright which is one of the things I love about IKEA. It may just be my store or that they haven't arrived, but I didn't see a whole lot of new items in the living room area yet. There was a cool fuchsia colored sofa bed, kind of like the Moheda model. But when my eyes saw these beauties, I forgot about that sofa.
IKEA ExpeditIKEA Expedit

There are three new high gloss colors for the Expedit series - hot pink, teal, and orange! I loved the high gloss gray models introduced last year, but wow these are so much fun. I'm sure they will just add to the amazing and creative uses of Expedits across the blogosphere. Another new shelving option I found in the kitchen area is this one called the Stenstorp. 
IKEA Stenstorp

I think these shelves would also look great by an entryway for hanging coats. Next in my grand tour came the seating section. My favorite new chair is this bright yellow model named Reidar.
IKEA Reidar

And last stop on the top floor was the children's section with lots of cute bedding products including this one.
After a quick dinner break that included a nice summer berry salad rounded out with a piece of yummy Swedish apple pie (only $1.29 with an IKEA Family card!), it was time to hit the downstairs market. Here's where I noticed a trend of various items in a lovely, soft seafoam green. Since it's one of my favorite colors, I couldn't help but ogle these new dishes.
And then I found a few new fabulous rugs in the textiles department. These new Stockholm series rugs come in two great colors - brown and yellow.
IKEA rugs
Buttons are another new theme in this year's catalog...
 Whewwwww. It was a long, but fruitful evening. Now I'm gonna try my best to not make a return trip this weekend......but I'm not promising anything.

Friday, May 10, 2013

A Colorful Collection of Klippans

The Klippan loveseat has been an IKEA staple for over 30 years. It is a quintessential example of the simple, clean lines that the Swedish brand is know for. And over the years, there have been many bold and funky designs....

via Design Milk
I've really grown to love the Klippan for its form and function. It works great in a small living room, guest room or office. If you are one the millions who own a Klippan and aren't in love with IKEA's cover options, we've come to the rescue. makes slipcovers for the IKEA Klippan loveseat in a variety of fabrics that will work with any decor. Then add one of our pillow covers to give your Klippan a completely new life.
Klippan cover by Knesting in Avocado

Knesting Klippan slipcover
in Avocado Twill
with Wonderama pillow cover

Linen Klippan slipcover by

in Dove Linen
with Violet Lattice pillow cover

Klippan cover in Espresso Twill by

in Espresso Twill
with Coral Duncan pillow cover

Crimson Klippan slipcover by

Knesting Klippan slipcover
in Crimson Twill
with Thomas Paul Perch pillow cover

Navy Knesting Klippan slipcover

Knesting Klippan cover
in Navy Twill
with Charcoal Dwell Studio pillow cover

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Passion for Purple

Purple, purple, purple. It was one of my favorite colors as a child and then last year I noticed it had made a major reappearance in my wardrobe. Then I started to notice it appearing everywhere included in the home decor market. IKEA even introduced their Tullinge Lilac, Hovby Lilac, and Dansbo Lilac slipcovers for the Ektorp and Kivik sofa lines. We have always offered a Knesting Purple Twill option for our IKEA slipcovers. But when recently launching the new Dove Linen fabric option, it just screamed out that it wanted to share the floor with the deep purple shade. The new Dove Linen fabric is a soft shade of gray with just a hint of lavender and wonderful linen fibers woven in for great texture.

Here are a few photos from Style Estate showing how to pair the two colors for dramatic effect in both contemporary and more traditional settings.

Purple, lavender, lilac - whatever lovely shades you prefer, here is a collection highlighting the look featuring our slipcovers for the IKEA Ektorp sofa and chair models in Purple Twill and Dove Linen. Enjoy and design on!

Buying Guide
  1. Klabb Table Lamp - IKEA
  2. Bergman Cabinet - Pier 1
  3. Mansard Scroll Mirror Natural - Restoration Hardware
  4. Dotted Trellis Dove Curtain Panel - Crate and Barrel
  5. Knesting slipcover for Ektorp Sofa in Purple Twill
  6. ISALA Coffee table - IKEA
  7. Jaipur Fables Glamourous Tufted Rug -
  8. Knesting slipcover for Ektorp chair in Dove Linen
  9. Basay Basket - Crate & Barrel
  10. Dwell Studio Bella Porte pillow cover in Charcoal -