Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Simple IKEA bedroom makeover

The IKEA Share Space site is a great starting place for makeover ideas. They've recently added images from a neat IKEA tool that illustrates how easy and inexpensive a bedroom makeover can be. With a few pieces of simple white furniture and a neutral wall color, it really is a piece of cake to change up your room. All it takes is a few textiles and accessories and you have an entirely new space.
Like a white peaceful vibe...sheepskin rugs add a nice soft touch.
Soft greens and blues also create a relaxing palette.
Love red and your tastes tend to be more traditional than the typical IKEA room?
Or are do you prefer much bolder splashes of color?
Of course these rooms are pretty minimal and I'd definitely use the wall space more creatively, but I get their intent. Take a look at the main IKEA US site for even more bedroom transformation ideas.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Chevrons are here!

Four fabulous chevron fabric options are now available on Knesting.com! Because of the width of the fabric, we are only offering these fun fabrics on our chair and footstool slipcovers. The fabric is just too narrow to work for wider pieces like sofas. Coordinating pillows will be added to the site in a few weeks.

The first IKEA Ektorp Armchair slipcovers have turned out amazing!

IKEA Ektorp Armchair Slipcover
in Ash Chevron

in Pinky Chevron

in Chocolate Chevron

And here are the IKEA Henriksdal bar stool slipcover and Ektorp Jennylund cover in the Sunshine Chevron pattern.

Check out the site for pricing and in stock availability. In stock orders typically ship within two business days. If the cover you would like is not in stock, our current production time (as of 10/13/2011) to get an order cut, sewn, and ready to ship is running 3-4 weeks.  We hope you love them as much as we do!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

1965 IKEA catalog

While scanning Twitter I stumbled upon some really interesting images from a 1965 IKEA catalog. A blogger named Sara whose parents have kept a treasure trove of old catalogs was kind enough to share the walk down memory lane with us all.

I don't think ANY of these chairs would fit in a modern flat pack.

And these colors are great...


even the shag rug is back again.

...I'm missing Mad Men right about now and just can't wait until next year...
Check out the last image of the "London" black leather sofas....and compare them to the leather Karlstad sofa that made an appearance in the 2011 catalog. 
Black tufted leather sofas are timeless! Sadly I don't see a slipcover in sight though. Thanks to Sara for sharing. You can check out her blog here.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

IKEA Manland - great idea or stupid mistake?

Would you rather have a kidney stone than take your man to shop in the local IKEA store? Based on comments I constantly hear from customers you are not alone. An IKEA store in Australia may...or may not have come up with a solution. In celebration of Father's Day in early September there, they created Manland which is very similar in concept to the popular Smaland. Manland is IKEA's version of the man cave complete with foosball, video games, and free hot dogs.

It only took a few minutes of reading about Manland before all of the controversy began to unfurl. The reactions were definitely mixed. Some women were just happy to enjoy the shopping time without their whining husbands. Others questioned the message that was being sent. Why were men being allowed to abandon responsibility and was IKEA's promotion reinforcing stereotypical gender roles? Here is a light hearted look at the Aussie Manland. Take a look a the video and decide for yourself - great idea or a pathetic step back in time?