Saturday, October 1, 2011

IKEA Manland - great idea or stupid mistake?

Would you rather have a kidney stone than take your man to shop in the local IKEA store? Based on comments I constantly hear from customers you are not alone. An IKEA store in Australia may...or may not have come up with a solution. In celebration of Father's Day in early September there, they created Manland which is very similar in concept to the popular Smaland. Manland is IKEA's version of the man cave complete with foosball, video games, and free hot dogs.

It only took a few minutes of reading about Manland before all of the controversy began to unfurl. The reactions were definitely mixed. Some women were just happy to enjoy the shopping time without their whining husbands. Others questioned the message that was being sent. Why were men being allowed to abandon responsibility and was IKEA's promotion reinforcing stereotypical gender roles? Here is a light hearted look at the Aussie Manland. Take a look a the video and decide for yourself - great idea or a pathetic step back in time?

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  1. Lighten up - this is a great idea - they can suffer again when it comes time for assembly!