Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Simple IKEA bedroom makeover

The IKEA Share Space site is a great starting place for makeover ideas. They've recently added images from a neat IKEA tool that illustrates how easy and inexpensive a bedroom makeover can be. With a few pieces of simple white furniture and a neutral wall color, it really is a piece of cake to change up your room. All it takes is a few textiles and accessories and you have an entirely new space.
Like a white peaceful vibe...sheepskin rugs add a nice soft touch.
Soft greens and blues also create a relaxing palette.
Love red and your tastes tend to be more traditional than the typical IKEA room?
Or are do you prefer much bolder splashes of color?
Of course these rooms are pretty minimal and I'd definitely use the wall space more creatively, but I get their intent. Take a look at the main IKEA US site for even more bedroom transformation ideas.

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