Wednesday, October 5, 2011

1965 IKEA catalog

While scanning Twitter I stumbled upon some really interesting images from a 1965 IKEA catalog. A blogger named Sara whose parents have kept a treasure trove of old catalogs was kind enough to share the walk down memory lane with us all.

I don't think ANY of these chairs would fit in a modern flat pack.

And these colors are great...


even the shag rug is back again.

...I'm missing Mad Men right about now and just can't wait until next year...
Check out the last image of the "London" black leather sofas....and compare them to the leather Karlstad sofa that made an appearance in the 2011 catalog. 
Black tufted leather sofas are timeless! Sadly I don't see a slipcover in sight though. Thanks to Sara for sharing. You can check out her blog here.