Thursday, February 2, 2012

A quick room redo with pillows

Got a case of the winter blahs? Been spending too much time inside and need to change up your living space? Nothing is easier than changing out a few throw pillows and a rug to refresh a room. Here's one sofa that takes on entirely different personalities by changing the pillow options.
You can choose a variety of colors and patterns that together create a sophisticated, classic collection.
Or stick with a single color family for a clean, serene, and uncluttered feel. Using different textures is the key to keeping this look interesting.
Bold colors choices are a great option if you want to instill energy into your room. 

Check out our new chevron pillow covers or my personal favorites, our Thomas Paul pillow covers if you are in need of a little inspiration. 
Sunshine Chevron pillow cover
Dwell Studio pillow cover in Twilight Bella Porte

Thomas Paul pillow cover in Tangerine Aviary

Waverly pillow cover in Ivory Pen Pal

These pillow covers make a room makeover even easier because there's no need to store a bunch of extra pillows. The covers fit over a standard pillow form or maybe even your existing pillows and with the simple pull of a zipper, ta-da you have a new look! All of these covers were photographed with the IKEA Inner pillow form that sells for the fabulous price of $2.99.

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