Friday, November 11, 2011

Here a LACK, there a LACK, everywhere a LACK LACK

IKEA is known for it's functional, stylish and inexpensive furniture and I think the LACK Series is a quintessential example. Sorrry EXPEDIT I will get to you on another day. For a whopping $7.99 you can buy a simple LACK side table that with just a spark of creativity...or good inspiration photos from the can transform into your very own masterpiece.

I recently wrote about a great company called O'verlays who makes fun decorative panels that fit popular IKEA models including the Lack. So with their greek key kit you can turn a white lack into this unique piece of furniture.

Apartment Therapy has also done a post recently on hacking the Lack that included these interesting ideas. The easiest way to change up with lack is with paint, stencils or other decorative elements.
I love this creative idea of using two of them in combination.

Who doesn't love Legos? This idea is great if you are trying to corral your kids' Legos into one area.
This is probably my favorite since I copied this one and stacked two Lacks to create a standing laptop station in our shipping area complete with printer on the bottom shelf. This version has a butcher block top that helps it fit right in this kitchen.
Now that IKEA has introduced the high gloss series of Lacks in red, white and gray, there are even more fun options out there!

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